Guardian ad litem in Divorce

October 29, 2019
Guardian ad litem

Every divorce process is a difficult one. Once-close bonds are broken, and families and possessions are divided. Spouses negotiate property rights and monies owed to one another. And if you have children, the process becomes all the more difficult with deciding parenting plans. These situations are where it may be appropriate to obtain a guardian ad litem.

A guardian ad litem (GAL) can be requested by either party in a family law case, but a GAL will not assist in a case until the court has ordered one to do so. The GAL’s duties are to represent the best interest of the child. GAL’s do not necessarily represent the child’s desires, other advocates may be appointed for that, GAL’s are only concerned with what is the best possible situation for the child.

Some of the tasks a GAL fulfills are to investigate the child’s life while they are in the care of either party. They do this by collecting medical and school records, and speak to witnesses from both parties. Although it is not their main function, they can help facilitate negotiations between parties. The GAL’s goal is to make sure that the child’s needs are met by all parties involved as both the case progresses and as it concludes. GAL’s do not make the final decision as the care of the child, however they do make recommendations to the court based on findings of their investigation.

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